Networking in LinkedIn Groups -- Stop Posting & Start Talking

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Let's consider the purpose of Groups v Pages. Groups should be structured so the default is no promotion.

"LinkedIn offers many other ways to promote your business, your profile, and your ideas to the audience you want to target.

Groups are not the right forum to do this. Groups should be used to build relationships through the conversation about topics and ideas.

You can create LinkedIn Pages to promote your business or ideas."

In my view, shortly to be backed up with real experience, all LinkedIn has to do is eliminate the posting of links, pdfs and videos in groups for the members.

Get rid of these options for members in groups. Because you hardly ever start a conversation this way.

start a conversation.png

Instead members should be shown how to network offering/looking for free help, celebrating an occasion, creating a poll or share that your company has a job available. (The 5 standard suggestions from LinkedIn.)

5 Networking Ideas in Groups.png

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