Top 3 Most Fascinating Franchise Stories

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Addictions, Attractions, and Alternatives to Arbitration

Are we addicted to social media?  Some surprising answers by Kathy Doering.

What makes a good LinkedIn profile - a profile that attracts people who could do business with you?  Some science from Michael Webster.

Why does Litigation and Arbitration produce such unsatisfactory results?  Why do we continue to use these procedures?  Richard Solomon


1st Story 

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Kathy (Salerno) Doering.jpgAre You Addicted to Sharing on Social Media?

"Research conducted in the last two or three years has provided some interesting insight into why it is that we engage with social media." 

Do we want to show the "social world" who we are, how we want to be perceived, all the while being important and helpful to others?

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2nd Story 

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michaelwebster.jpgHow To Create a LinkedIn Profile that Magically Attracts ClientsHow To Create a LinkedIn Profile that Magically Attracts Clients

A professional negotiator and mediator asked me to take a look at his LinkedIn profile & make suggestions.

The guy has a terrific CV and resume. Very impressive.

But, does his LinkedIn profile attract or repel potential clients?

There are many LinkedIn experts who will say that they can help you. Maybe they can. I know that some of them will certainly charge you a lot of money.

Use the Science of Decision Making & Not LinkedIn Experts and learn how to create a better profile.

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3rd Story 

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Richard Solomon.jpgDon't Sue Your Franchise Owners to Get Compliance

Lawsuits and arbitrations often sort out disputes in their legal sense.

They rarely sort out disputes in a satisfactory personal, business or financial sense.

Anyone familiar with the litigation and arbitration process can tell you about how unsatisfactory the result was in most instances.  So what are the real alternatives?

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