The Top 3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising

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Sharing, Legal Scams & Crisis

This was a fun week.  Last week's topics were still interesting, but they flipped in order.  

Sharing trumped crisis management & people wanted to read about attorneys who got scammed.


1st Story (2nd Week)

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Frances Leary.jpgFrances Leary's
 See How Easily You Can Share the Right Type of Content across the Social Media Platforms was a good reminder of how different the big 5 social platforms are.  It was also very interesting because when we emphasized the "sharing as good business'" in the title, we pulled 10 times more readers! Always important to have the right headline for your audience as part of your content marketing strategy.

2nd Story

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Matthew-100x100.pngMatthew Kreutzer's  Advance Fee Scam Aimed at Franchisor Attorneys 
was a good introduction to the world of scams aimed at franchise lawyers.  Matthew does a good job of explaining the fraud & how lawyers can avoid it.  I would caution people to understand that a bank may "clear" a cheque and later claim that it was dishonored. So you are still liable to the bank for the funds that "cleared".   This is also the first wave of this type of fraud, it will grow increasing sophisticated.



3rd  Story (2nd Week)

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Richard Solomon.jpgRichard Solomon's The Art of Crisis Avoidance
 was a neat introduction to why smart executives continue to make dumb mistakes when a crisis looms.  Richard has a gruff persona, which hides his deep appreciation for the foibles of humans and institutions.  On our phone call, Richard revealed which executives usually see the crisis coming but are handcuffed into inaction.  



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