3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising

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Learning, Silent Killers, and More Scams


Interesting discussion about how what search on a smartphone means for local marketing.

Great discussion on whether to spend more on your hiring budget on managers or entry level employees. 

And, more people wanted to read about attorneys who got scammed -wonder why?


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Do You Need to Learn about Mobile Marketing, Now?

Mobile web adoption is growing 8 times faster than web adoption did in the 1990s and early 2000s.

One in three mobile searches have local intent versus one in five on desktop computers.

Meaning people perform different types of searches depending on the device they are using and where they are.

Given the mobile growth rate, brick-and-mortar companies really need to evaluate their mobile strategy.  

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Fred Berni.jpgLearn How You Defeat The Silent Killer of Your Business

Every successful businessperson knows that you're only as good as the employees that represent you.

But, even when you've taken the time and hired the best employees you can, the next item on the agenda is how to keep good employees.

Turnover is a killer on your bottom line.

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3rd Story (2nd Week)

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Matthew-100x100.pngAdvance Fee Scam Aimed at Franchisor Attorneys was a good introduction to the world of scams aimed at franchise lawyers.  

Matthew does a good job of explaining the fraud & how lawyers can avoid it.  

I would caution people to understand that a bank may "clear" a cheque and later claim that it was dishonored. So you are still liable to the bank for the funds that "cleared".  

This is also the first wave of this type of fraud, it will grow increasing sophisticated.  We are now seeing these types of frauds using LinkedIn email.

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