3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising

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Facebook, Personality Testing, and Biz Ops

 Why are Brands paying more to reach their fans on Facebook?  Worth the cost for franchise brands?

Stop using personality tests to select your high performing franchise owners.  Do it right. Get a Candidate to fill out a Situational Assessement instead.

And, Just what would You Say to a Client who Wants to Buy a Business Opportunity instead of a Franchise?

1st Story 

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Franchisors have to Pay More to Reach their Facebook Fans

I loved this story - it appeals to my love of chicanery.  

Here is the simple formula for building a social platform.

First, convince your fans to form groups, say like a town.  You promise to link the groups together, say like a railway.  But for free!

Keep promoting your free railway - say that you want everyone connected.  Make it mantra.  Like a religious chant.  Look saintly when saying it.

Finally, when the groups or towns are big enough, re-think your tarriff rate.

Start charging the heck out travelling between towns.   

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2nd Story

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Fred Berni.jpgHow to Pick High Performing Franchise Owners

Fred's argument - get rid of personality testing when selecting or recruting franchise candidates - is unremarking in the serious recruiting world.

But in franchising it still generates hostility & confused responses.

Personality tests, any derivatives of Myer-Briggs or DISC, are simply the wrong tools for recruitment.

Get the right recruitment tool - or stop complaining about your lousy operators.

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3rd Story 

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What would You Say to a Client who Wants to Buy a Business Opportunity instead of a Franchise?

This was article generated some great discussion in the franchise groups - especially by people who are in the business of helping people transition from a corporate career to franchise ownership.

Personally, I find that there are very few real business opportunities.  Most of them run afoul the FTC and State laws.

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