3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising

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This Week In Review More Traps & Pitfalls in Social Media 


Again, this week's top story was about how treacherous Google can be for franchises.  Maybe be we should start listening?

And, the second story explained a controversial feature of LinkediIn.

The third story was a celebration of how to get all your great intelligent stories of franchising out there to people who could do business with you.


Top Story (2nd Week)

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Trevor Sumner.jpgTrevor Sumner's How You Can "Partner" with Google 
exposed the difficulty franchises have in getting a return on their adwords adverstising.  

Over the past couple of years, Google has made it harder and harder to quantify the value and successful tactics of SEO campaigns by hiding the keywords from organic searches in analytics.  

It is now harder to use SEO tactics to drive people to your franchise website because Google has hidden the organic keywords from the analytics.

For  more read this thread.


2nd Story 

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Frances Leary.jpgFrances Leary's  Whom Do You Endorse on Linkedin? Why? 
returned us to that great favorite question - why are we endorsing people on LinkedIn that we don't really know that well?

Do we blindly follow LinkedIn's suggestion?

Or is there some method to our collective madness?



3rd Story

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Joe Caruso.jpgJoe Caruso
's 6 Easy Ways You Can Use LinkedIn Groups was one of the best articles on how to use LinkedIn groups I have read.

Of course, I am biased.  

But Joe and I have been igniting intelligent converstations about franchising for over a decade & the LinkedIn platform is the best we have used.  Because the are no anonymous guests - everyone has a professional reputation to guard and maintain.

So, read the entire thread here. 


  What Franchise-Info  Do for Your Popularity!  

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