3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising

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The Art & Science of Choice = Practical Wisdom 


Top story was great bit of practical wisdom.  

How can sellers  defeat the buying objection - You cost Too Much!

Great mixture of theory, practice and art.

The second story also addressed a practical problem.

How to avoid the wrong franchise owner - one that interviews well but never takes your advice afterward.

Finally, another look at the procrastinating buyer - the one always shopping and never buying.



Top Story 

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Thumbnail image for michaelwebster.jpgMichael Webster's You Don't Have to Drop Your Price To People Who say "We Cannot Afford You"
  provided a valuable technique for sellers who have to respond to the objection: Your price is Too High.

There were two great threads for this article in LinkedIn.  

The first thread in LinkedIn is here, and Fiona Middleton, MSM provided some interesting ideas.

The second thread in LinkedIn about this negotiation technique is here.  In this thread, Joe Gordillo does a great job explaining how you as a seller can meet the price objection using the his technique.  Buyers are said to be helpless.  Pay attention to Joe Gordillo's ideas - he really does know what he is talking about.


2nd Story (2nd Week)

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Fred Berni.jpgFred Berni's  The Franchise Shell Game 
remains a great thread about franchise recruitment.

Fred does a great job of explaining why most franchisors end up with franchise owners who interview well, but then don't take any advice from the franchisor.

Very frustrating for the franchise sales department & real annoying for the operations department. 

But, this is what happens when you don't use science of choice and instead rely upon horscopes - also known as personality tests.


3rd Story

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Joe Caruso.jpgJoe Caruso's
  How To Recruit Not Ready to Buy, Yet Franchise Prospects.

"The way franchise sellers address this today is by sending these not ready-to-buy leads emails which are pretty much different versions of the same tired message: Buy My Franchise, now."  

Some interesting ideas on how to treat the reluctant but qualified buyer on the LinkedIn thread.


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