3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising

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Crisis, Mistakes & Sharing 

This was one of those weeks in which we should just award a tie to all three stories, they were that close in readership.  

It was a week that people were reading about strategy: why it is hard to avoid a crisis, what critical mistakes you make on your website, and how to develop a content strategy.


Top Story 

1,670+ LinkedIn Readers

Richard Solomon.jpgRichard Solomon's The Art of Crisis Avoidance
 was a neat introduction to why smart executives continue to make dumb mistakes when a crisis looms.  Richard has a gruff persona, which hides his deep appreciation for the foibles of humans and institutions.  On our phone call, Richard revealed which executives usually see the crisis coming but are handcuffed into inaction.  


 2nd Story

1,630+ LinkedIn Readers

michaelwebster.jpgMichael Webster's Are You Making this Terrible Mistake on Your Website? 
was one of the quickest articles I have ever written.  I was jolted into action reading an article by one Drayton Bird's associates, Gerald Woodgate.  His article was a blow to the belly.  I couldn't believe that Joe and I had made this terrible mistake on the Franchise-Info website, and luckily you don't have to!

3rd Story

1527+ LinkedIn Readers

Frances Leary.jpgFrances Leary's
 See How Easily You Can Share the Right Type of Content across the Social Media Platforms was a good reminder of how different the big 5 social platforms are.  Joe and I don't get out much, outside of LinkedIn, so Frances' article was a useful high level strategy.  Personally, I doubt that I will ever get Twitter -although Frances assures me that I am a Twit.


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