3 Top Stories in Franchising - Feb. 14th

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This Week In Review  

This week's top stories are about: Using LinkedIn correctly and not being a spammer & two stories on how to recruit franchises effectively.  

This was a bit of an embarrassing week - since both Mike and Joe took all 3 of the top stories.  

I promise to write about strategy & game theory next week & Joe promises not to write at all.  

That should give the competition the edge they need!  


Top Story (Second Week)

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michaelwebster.jpgMichael Webster's How To Invite a Single Contact to Join LinkedIn & Connect With You  

continued to attract the most attention.

LinkedIn wants your email list.  But then, LinkedIn penalizes you for inviting people who say they "don't know you".  Even though you had their email address.

Learn how to invite your contacts the right way & avoid LinkedIn's tricky ways.




2nd Story 

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Joe Caruso.jpgJoe Caruso's 8 Easy Steps for Franchisors Who Want to Recruit on LinkedIn

was about how to use LinkedIn to recruit franchisees. 

LinkedIn is one of the greatest social media sites for recruiting - both for hires and franchise owners.

But, many franchisor sees unaware on how to harness LinkedIn & resort to either spamming groups with PR releases or some other ill thought out content marketing idea.  There really is a better way.


3rd Story

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Joe Caruso.jpgJoe Caruso's Why Some Franchisors Almost Always Fail

was an interesting discusion franchise discounting.  "Franchise fee discounts are bad business because

they can cause discontent with your franchisees who paid full-price and they are likely not the solution to your franchise sales problem." And yet, franchisor continue to discount & ask their current franchise owners to like it.



  What Franchise-Info  Do for Your Popularity!  

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