3 Most Interesting Stories in Franchising, Jan. 31st

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This Week In Review - Selling

What can franchisors/franchise owners learn from Pulp Fiction?

What can we still learn from Ray Kroc?  

How does a good PR Strategy Work? 


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Jim Martin.jpgJim Martin's Are You Listening? Or Just Waiting to Talk?  
had the most readers on LinkedIn.

And why not - one of the classic lines from Public Fiction.  Good discussion on LinkedIn.

"Unfortunately, most sales people talk way to much and as a result, fail to interact and engage the prospect in a more compelling way."



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Jason.jpgJason Duncan's
Three Familiar Management Problems - Which Do You Want to Overcome?

Why expansion past three unit is so hard.

Sidebar on why Kroc was a PITA.



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Rhonda Sanderson.jpgRhonda Sanderson's  The Best PR Moves of 2013 and One Really Bad One 
continued to attract attention.

Probably because Rhonda talked about the hard issue: "One of the biggest obstacles for PR people is getting the client to agree to spend a certain amount of dollars

for great coverage that will bring them many more dollars."



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