3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising, Jan. 24th

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This Week In Review - Value

Are franchisors producing value for franchisees?

Are web portals producing value for franchisors?  

Are franchise owners seeing enough value to put more money into their units? 


Most Read Update:  2734 LinkedIn Views 

Howard Bundy.jpgHoward Bundy's  What are You Getting When You buy a Franchise? 
had the most for LinkedIn views.

Franchisor increasing face a value proposition.

Franchises who ask: What am I getting when I purchase a franchise?



Most Commented on Story - 20 Comments

Tom Sagehorn's Are the Lead-Gen Franchise Portals Really Dead?

A wide and diverse views in the comments.  Great discussion for all franchisors on how to attract leads.

Continues to fascinate our readers.



Most Engaging Article Published on Franchise Info (2nd Week)

- 305 Readers who spent an average of 4:06 minutes reading



Richard Solomon.jpgRichard Solomon's
 Why Do Franchise Owners Really Fail?  asks whether is enough material disclosure in an FDD.

Richard had an interesting view about how to treat the effects of the material non dislcosure in section 8 - the rebate section.

Great estimate of the true royalty rate, reflecting his many years reviewing the FDD and comparing it to reality!



  What Franchise Info can Do for You to Get You People to Pay Attention to You. 

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A lot of spirited discussion and varied opinions on these articles in LinkedIn Franchise Groups and Update Feeds.

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