The Week in Review - August 8th- Top Influencers & Stories

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Here are the Top Influencers, as determined by LinkedIn, in the 5 main Linkedin Groups that Franchise Info manages.

1. Franchise Owners (918 members) 

Congratulations to John Gordon!



2. Franchisors ( 2321 Members)

Congratulations to Richard Vogel, Rhonda Sanderson & Glen Walford



3. Franchise Suppliers/Services (1316 members)

Hmm, LinkedIn didn't pick any influencers this week, other than the usual suspects.



4. Franchise Attorneys (1136 members)

Congratulations to Matthew KreutzerMary Clapp, and David Steinberg


Finally, here are the Top 10 Stories - determined by Google Analytics- by popularity and time spent.

Congratulations to all the authors.

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