Who Do You Think Deserves the Thanks for Our 2 Trillion Dollar Industry?

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Franchising is an industry over 150 years old that has grown into a solid foundation powering the American economy.

As a way to pay homage to the innovators that have taken it to this level, and building on the recent momentum of Small Business Week and the International Franchise Expo,

Empowerkit has launched an interactive websites called "Franchising Pioneers".

On this website, visitors will be able to go through 50 of the top movers and shakers in the industry, read about their contribution to franchising and vote for their favorite one!

Visitors can become inspired reading out each pioneer, and the voting helps to make the experience more interactive and engaging.

Franchising is a $2 trillion industry, and one of the largest drivers of job growth and economic output.

These pioneers are the people to thank for that.

The 10 pioneers that receive the most votes will be featured in an upcoming series that will take a more in-depth look at their contribution to franchising. All voters will be delivered a free printed copy of this series.

To vote, go to www.empowerkit.com/pioneers and get your favorite pioneer one step closer to the finish line.


Voting will close on July 31st. The next day, August 1st, Empowerkit will announce the winners and start developing the series.


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This is interesting.

Many times, it is the original franchisees which have more devotion to the brand than some of the later franchisor executives - especially in a public company.

No list of franchising pioneers would be complete without Ray Kroc.

However it's interesting to note that in the formative years of McDonald's Ray Kroc was a licensee of the McDonald's brand until he fought hard to buy out the McDonald's brothers to become the franchisor.

Say it isn't so Ray Kroc was the first McDonald's franchisee.

Ray Kroc is on the list, but surprisingly he hasn't received too many votes yet - so far The Dwyer Group, Decorating Den, and H&R Block have rallied the most votes for their respective pioneers it looks like.

Great point Michael...actually you gave me an idea for a follow-up project showcasing franchisees who have really made a mark in the industry (many come to mind).

Chris I am going all out for Ray Kroc.

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