Can Carl's Jr. & Hardee's Steal McDonald's Customers with this Clever Ad?

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This is a very clever ad, and I wonder whether it will work.

Andy Puzder, CEO of Carl's Jr. & Hardee's, is offering a coupon or discount to McDonald's fans who lament the loss of the triple Angus burger from the McDonald's menu.

Will this discount turn into a stream of loyal Carl's Jr. & Hardee's followers?  Or is it just clever publicity?

The are two things  that are lovely about this short video:

1. The extended examination of the twitter complaints about McDonald's - as if Andy was talking directly to the individual.

2. The offer "our better burger for less than what you paid at McDonald's" is good language.  You can get a taste of a better Angus burger, but only for a limited time, for less than what McDonald's was charging.  This is a good use of the "limited time" feature - it makes sense.   The disaffected Angus burger lovers will get over it - so offer them something better and cheaper for a limited time.

Generally, it rarely works to target another brand's customers, woo them with discounts, and count on them to be loyal to your brand.  After all, if they just signalled that they are price sensitive, you should not count on them being loyal to your brand.

But, targeted disaffected customers may work.  I would have made one change to the video and execution of the campaign.  Ad a QR code, capture the twitter handle if any, match against the current twitter stream  to see if you actually got disaffected McDonald's tweeters.  The program would be an analytic success if you could show good matches.

All in all, a clever idea & I would love to hear more about the numbers.

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