How Can the Franchise Industry Achieve Diversity?

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Our US Supreme Court is wrestling with an issue that should have settled years ago.

The world is coming out of the closet, little by little, kicking and struggling, but coming out none the less. Recognition and acceptance of gay and lesbian culture grows constantly as people become educated to the plain and simple fact that we are all as God made us and not all alike in many important respects.

Being who you are is no longer thought of as a sin, except in the minds of those who refuse to accept truth in its unvarnished obviousness. The franchise industry is no exception.

Given the positive trend, there remain questions about capability, suitability, style, business methods, liability issues, vetting for suitability taking lifestyle issues into account where that is an important consideration in the ability of a business to function and succeed, and how to deal with furthering progress in positive attitude adjustment in the business world generally and in franchising in particular.

Inasmuch as franchising as a business concept and business model embraces dozens of legal specialties and calls them into specific focus, there should be a central locus of reference where assistance may be found to sort out how all these variations relate (if at all) to businesses operated by gay-lesbian owners and to franchising companies owned/operated/managed by gay-lesbian officers and employees.

Up until now, gay and lesbian business issues have been dealt with primarily from a perspective of civil rights issues.

It is time to move beyond that and to deal with the fact that there is absolutely no reason on earth why gay and lesbian business people should not be able to achieve business success in the franchise model just like any other capable operator.

We bring to the table consultative assistance in the facilitation of making your company accessible for investment purposes to all qualified franchisees, regardless of life style. In fact, we can assist you to achieve sufficient insight that lifestyle itself is not an issue at all.

Similarly, there is no reason on earth why any gay-lesbian business that has positive attributes to become a franchised model should not move in that direction. We bring to the table consultative assistance to get you there if that is what you think you might like to do with your business.

We will show you how to take the courageous steps that should be taken to overcome the remaining barriers to economic success in the franchise world.

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