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Welcome to another production in the FranSummit 2012 Webinar Series – Franchisee Sales & Marketing Summit 2012.

Franchisee Sales & Marketing Summit 2012 is divided into four, one hour-long sessions spanning the length of four days, from March 26 thru March 29. Each session will cover a different topic, with Paul Segreto, co-founder of FranSummit facilitating and presenting alongside an expert guest on the subject of focus. This event is for franchisees AND franchisors!

The four sessions of Franchisee Sales & Marketing Summit 2012 will occur in the following chronological order, starting from Monday, March 26 thru Thursday, March 29:


  • Monday, March 26 – Consumer Sales and Customer Experience with Mindy Golde, Director of Sales at Listen360 (formerly Systino)
  • Tuesday, March 27 – Social Media and Personal Branding with Debra Vilchis, Chief Operating Officer of Fishman Public Relations
  • Wednesday, March 28 – Local Marketing and SEO with Jeremy LaDuque, CEO of ElementsLocal and co-founder of FranSummit
  • Thursday, March 29 – Embracing Technology and Adapting to Change with Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartFinds Internet Marketing.


This Webinar Series is held daily, from: Mar 26, 2012 to Mar 29, 2012 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM CDT.

Register for the FranSummit, by clicking here.  

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