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    DeleteFranchise-Info Sponsored Do you want your prospect reading this document early on in the sales process? 1 month ago
  • Michael (Mike) Webster
    DeleteMichael (Mike) Webster Item 20, 7 and 19 allow you to tell your sales story.1 month ago
  • Joe Caruso
    DeleteJoe Caruso I have talked with franchisors who want to get the FDD into the hands of their prospect early in the process. While others provide it on a discovery day visit.1 month ago
  • Dan Bish
    DeleteDan Bish Usually right after the application is completed and returned.1 month ago
  • Peter Darnell
    DeletePeter Darnell The sooner the better. Once the Applicant Questionnaire with A & Ls & Confidentiality Agreement is completed & returned & they look like they're suitable. The first phone call is the key of course. That will set the tone of the whole...more1 month ago
    DeleteVERNON RIGGS Depends on many factors. Personality type. Type of franchise (conversion or start-up). Fear factors. I have done Day of Discovery Day and prior to Discovery Day.1 month ago
  • DeLaura Mercado
    DeleteDeLaura Mercado Dennis Daughety?1 month ago
  • Michelle Holliman
    DeleteMichelle Holliman We give it to them right after their application is received and approved. 1 month ago
  • Joe Aiello
    DeleteJoe Aiello We also give it after they complete an app and we complete a background check.1 month ago
  • Adam Blake
    DeleteAdam Blake We only give it in person at discovery day.1 month ago
  • John Ferracuti
    DeleteJohn Ferracuti We present the FDD strategically, depending on the individual candidate and where they are at in the process. People who are familiar with the FDD tend to get it earlier and people who are less familiar with the whole due diligence process tend to...more1 month ago
  • Erik Premont
    DeleteErik Premont Strategically is the right word. In sales it's not only what you say but how and when. Disclosing prospects too early is as counterproductive as too late. We are in the relationship business, and by nurturing an early, mutually respectful, enjoyable...more1 month ago
  • Jane Stein
    DeleteJane Stein As a broker, I feel it's a bit of a red flag to only disclose once they've gone to DD. Just my opinion which I share freely with candidates1 month ago
  • Karen Shoeman
    DeleteKaren Shoeman After our initial conversation and their candidate profile is received. 1 month ago
  • Joe Caruso
    DeleteJoe Caruso Franchise sales teams have to remember that a franchise candidate may ALREADY have their FDD when they are asking for one. And wait to see what the franchisor says & does. 1 month ago
  • Rajiv Shah, MBA
    DeleteRajiv Shah, MBA FDD is just one part of the disclosure. It should be given immediately after Intro call to allow a client to learn more about the brand and begin their Due diligence process. 1 month ago
  • Joe Caruso
    DeleteJoe Caruso Rajiv Shah, MBA FDD is 100% of the disclosure. It is the only reliable & compliant lawful disclosure allowed.1 month ago
  • Bruce Evans
    DeleteBruce Evans Immediately following the initial interview call 1 month ago
  • Kim Andereck
    DeleteKim Andereck Immediately. In the old days, when it cost $6 to print and another $6 to mail, you had to be discriminatory. Today with email and PDF files, just get it to them right away. Talk from that in subsequent conversations. 1 month ago
  • Valerie McCartney
    DeleteValerie McCartney Immediately following the initial discussion. It fuels the next discussion.1 month ago
  • Terry Powell, CFE
    DeleteTerry Powell, CFE When you as the Franchisor are satisfied that the candidate is someone you desire to offer your franchise to, not before.16 days ago
  • dale waite
    Deletedale waite I agree with Terry on this one. Not everyone is going to make the cut.16 days ago
  • Joe Caruso
    DeleteJoe Caruso dale waite & Terry Powell, CFE isn't it more about how to effectively use the FDD in your franchise sales process to advance the prospect to franchise purchase? And there is the FTC compliance requirement to give it to prospects upon their...more15 days ago
  • Craig Slavin
    DeleteCraig Slavin Joe Caruso You put so much emphasis on delivering the FDD to the buyer as soon as possible in order to start the sales process. I don't agree with that at all. People do not buy franchises because of the information that's inside the FDD. They buy...more15 days ago
  • Joe Caruso
    DeleteJoe Caruso I don't believe that's what I said at all Craig Slavin. I said to Terry & dale - "Isn't it more about how to effectively use the FDD in your franchise sales process to advance the prospect to franchise purchase? And there is the FTC...more15 days ago
  • Madison Jobe
    DeleteMadison Jobe Got to agree with Craig14 days ago
  • Joe Caruso
    DeleteJoe Caruso So, Madison Jobe, you are agreeing with Craig Slavin on what was not said? How does that work?14 days ago
  • Paul Segreto
    DeletePaul Segreto It is required to provide the FDD upon reasonable request. That said, why would you hold back on providing the FDD? Today's candidates are more educated, sophisticated and technologically advanced than ever before. They know what an FDD is and they...more14 days ago
  • Paul Segreto
    DeletePaul Segreto I, for one am a firm believer in incorporating the FDD early on in the sales process. I instruct candidates to print it, highlight everything they have a question about and then with red pen jot down their questions and concerns - then we go over it...more14 days ago
  • Alan Branch
    DeleteAlan Branch The applicant needs to show the franchisor the right attributes that indicate the franchisor wants that person to join the franchise. Once this hurdle has been passed, the FDD should be offered with the franchisee knowing that this is given as part...more14 days ago
  • Michael (Mike) Webster
    DeleteMichael (Mike) Webster Paul, I don't think that most prospects know where to get the FDD -- even though it is a free download.14 days ago
  • John Byron
    DeleteJohn Byron I agree the sooner the better it helps weed out issues and concerns before you get to far and discover it too late13 days ago
  • Michael Mutsaerts
    DeleteMichael Mutsaerts In my humble opinion, whenever you release your FDD, it should come with some dialog on the purpose of a good contract (agreement) and additionally, some idea on what to expect from the disclsoure. I have found getting ahead of the curve builds the...more13 days ago
  • Dr. Michael (Mick) Riddiough
    DeleteDr. Michael (Mick) Riddiough RESPONSE 1:Within our 6-step qualifying process, issuing the FDD is Step 3. We suggest the candidate read it AS IF THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN ACCEPTED BY THE COMPANY, and we explain what the FDD is...and is NOT. We suggest that the candidate read as much...more12 days ago
  • Dr. Michael (Mick) Riddiough
    DeleteDr. Michael (Mick) Riddiough RESPONSE 2: We use DocuSign to obtain the FDD receipt and to deliver the FDD itself. In 1-3 days, we review Items 1 - 23, using Table of Contents (60 - 90 minutes). Then 4-5 days later, we do a Q&A. Indeed, it is YOUR attitude with which you...more12 days ago
  • Dr. Michael (Mick) Riddiough
    DeleteDr. Michael (Mick) Riddiough RESPNSE 3: You get FROM the FDD what you put into it. IF you treat it as a bad, legal requirement, you will most likely invite issues. However, IF you treat it as a very helpful consumer education document that enables the candidate to view your...more12 days ago
  • Pete Lindsey, CFE
    DeletePete Lindsey, CFE We have two meeting prior to offering our FDD. First meeting is just to get to know who we are talking to and to lean about them and their needs. The second is to really go over the Sport Clips opportunity to see if it's even a fit. The third is the FDD. We feel that building trust is so critical to what we do. If they ask for it early, then we will most likely provide it but if they can't follow a process of evaluating our franchise then they most likely will not be able (or have the patience) to follow our system. We do follow a very deliberate system in our offering process and have plenty of info online for them. Being a semi-absentee opportunity, most of the time our prospects are working and they typically really appreciate syncing up in a way they can 'digest" the true opportunity. 12 days ago
  • Colleen Pyle
    DeleteColleen Pyle I would give it after speaking with a prospect a few times. Maybe prequalify them first , then disclose them. We have on our website where they can request information and then my sales team will contact them. I would think most companies would make it easy for prospects to obtain an FDD. Just Let Me Do It Commercial Services9 days ago