Uncomfortable with the Linkedin Platform to Generate Leads? Here is Help

Many people find it hard, hard to think about how to use Linkedin to generate franchise recruits. Changes in Linkedin's interface can confuse.

In this lecture, we are going to give a metaphor to work with ---

Linkedin as the Never Ending Franchise Tradeshow.

The goal here is for to think about what works for you on the tradeshow floor & find an equivalent tactic to use on Linkedin. Also, we want to you think about what doesn't work on the tradeshow floor & don't do those things on Linkedin, either.

franchise trade show.jpeg

What You Already Have

We are going to assume that a) you have good networking skills and b) that you have a good sales process, but the only thing you need is more leads at the top of your sales funnel.

(If you want to brush up on your networking skills, we highly recommend the unusually titled, Jelly Effect, by Andy Bounds. Especially Chapter 4.)


(And if you worry about your sales process, contact Joe & we will do an audit -- separating what you think your sales process is from the way it is really done.)

What Works at a Tradeshow

1. You meet people that have paid to attend.

2. You qualify their interest.

3. If qualified, you ask for personal information which can easily be handed over, a business card or something like it. In return, you give them some valuable information about your franchise opportunity.

4. You explain what will happen next.

5. In a couple of days, you follow through. And you know, if the candidate has talent & capital, and is ready to buy, the sales cycle will still be 90-120 days. Which you won't rush.

buffett on somethings take time.jpeg

What You Don't Do at a Tradeshow

1. You don't invite someone to a "discovery day".

2. You don't get them to fill out a long application form.

3. You don't spend more than 10 minutes with each person.

The Basic Linkedin Trade Show Steps

If someone is open to a new business opportunity, they are likely to be on Linkedin. They may not be active daily, but their profile is there for everyone, including your, to read.

Your job is to connect with them, get them off of Linkedin and onto a call, webinar or newsletter. (Don't leave this important job to an automated tool or your website, it simply won't work.)

How do you do this?

1. Create a list of people or profiles that you want to look at.

2. Create a daily routine where you look at between 100 - 300 profiles & check their recent activity. (This should take no more than 60 minutes of your time.)

3. Start a conversation, based on their profile & activity. Ask them to connect. If they won't connect, they aren't interested in doing business with you, yet, (We will return to this topic later on.)

4. Have a giveaway, a brochure, an white paper, an ebook, or video to give them.

5. After the conversation has started in Linkedin, ask them if you could send them the brochure, white paper, ebook, or video. If they accept, follow & ask for a telephone conversation.

Getting Started - Help!

Most people find 1. is the hardest step. "Where is the list?"

There are 2 easy sources. First, your CRM contains names and emails of inactive leads. That is your first list. Second, your current franchisees who are on LinkedIn are your second list --I will explain in a minute.

Your inactive leads were interested six months ago, they didn't buy, and very likely they still haven't bought a franchise. So, let's get them interested again.