Are You Having Trouble Renewing Your Franchise in Maryland because of these New Regulations?

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The Maryland Securities Division, which is responsible for enforcing Maryland's franchise registration and disclosure law, recently announced that it has "posted a new publication for franchisors with information about filing renewal and amendment applications."

As experienced franchisors and franchise attorneys know, Maryland is one of the more challenging states for franchise registration.

Because incomplete or non-compliant applications can be a source of delay - sometimes significant delay - for a franchisor wishing to offer or sell franchises in Maryland, the guidance is important reading for the franchise industry.

The publication, entitled "Information on Renewing and Amending a Franchise Registration," can be found here.

If you continue having difficulty registering your franchise offering in Maryland, I would be happy to take a look at your documents and help you address any issues that are drawing comments from the state.

Happy franchise renewal season!

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1 Comment

Maryland can be a wildcard when it comes to registration for both first time registrant franchisors and re-filers as well.

I have had questions asked about FDD items that had been in them in previous years as though it were something new?

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