When you're in a sales call or presentation do you do most of the talking?

Unfortunately, most sales people talk way to much and as a result, fail to interact and engage the prospect in a more compelling way. And compelling is how you build trust and a relationship!

As the saying goes, you can't be listening if you're talking and that's the first indicator that you're a push through salesperson. You know, waiting for the first objection so you can handle it and close!

Or, creating a question to which you can follow up with a close.

Speaking of closing, ask yourself this question...

Do you liked to be Closed or would your prefer Connecting with someone?

I hope its Connecting and the way to connect is by following some simple points:

  • Apply active listening to your interactions
  • Understand your prospects needs and wants on an emotional level.
  • Challenge them in a kind way on their assumptions and pending actions
  • Have candid dialog about your solutions, is there a real fit to their needs?
  • Conduct your interactions with mutual respect.

In Ultimate Selling, it's all about Connecting. And in the 21st Century of sales, buyers want to connect; not be closed. And when you connect, it's a seamless and comfortable transition to formalizing the sale. It's time for a paradigm shift from the "Always be Closing" days of Glengarry Glen Ross to the Ultimate Selling, ABC's "Always be Connecting

Change it and you will begin to experience more connections and quality sales vs. closings and less than satisfied buyers. Listening will ensure you engage in meaningful interactions, followed by great insight as to how to provide great value to your prospect, and in doing so you'll make great connections.

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