Are more sales taking place on the Web in lieu of face to face sales calls?

In many cases I say yes, but in many, I say not!  

According to this article from Bloomberg Businessweek, "economics is pushing sales online".   

The author, Jeff Green says, "Inside selling, which keeps pitchmen off the road, is growing far faster than in-person sales--and by some estimates it's 10 times cheaper." While that may be true, if you take the online route and don't make as many sales, what is your true sales cost?

In order for online sales, with or without a sales interface to be successful, I believe the following has already been established by the company or market for it to be successful. They are:

  • 1st-Credibility is established and their brand is well known and accepted.  (Marketing)

  • 2nd-The product or service is viewed as a commodity, so they can look for best price, fulfillment and or services (great sales skills not needed here)

  • 3rd-They require little, if any business acumen and/or problem solving skills. Not that they don't count, just not as much.

And, marketing has played the most significant role in achieving these objectives, not sales. So, depending on what you sell and your definition of what a salesperson is or how they sell, some are and some are NOT!

Complex and/or large investment sales will always require face to face selling time.

While technology tools can do much for intelligence gathering, front end sales work, and streamlining/shortening the sales cycle for a qualified prospect, the sales pro must possess a high degree of business acumen, problem solving and professional selling skills.

Only true face to face interaction will solidify the relationship of preferred provider.

The critical point here is to know what is required to sell your company product and service and don't chase the on-line route as a panacea till you know!



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