Here are the Top Influencers, as determined by LinkedIn, in the Linkedin Groups that Franchise Info manages.

Each week individuals contribute their comments and ideas to our LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn uses an algorithm to select whose comments & ideas have the most influence.  

We don't report the group owner's influence ranking.

1. Franchise Owners (944 members) 

Congratulations to: John Gordon.

      John A. Gordon

John A. Gordon
Chain Restaurant Earnings and Economics Expert

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2. Franchisors ( 2352 Members)

Congratulations to Dale Waite & June M. Toth.

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3. Franchise Suppliers/Services (1329 members)

Congratulations to Marc Gordon.

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4. Franchise Attorneys (1155 members)

Congratulations to:  Matthew Kreutzer & Mary Clapp.

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5. Metro Franchise Association (916 Members)

Congratulations to: Eric Gustafsson, Sandra K. Jimmerskog, Howard Kline, Esq.

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6. Finally, here are the Top 10 Stories - determined by Google Analytics- by popularity and time spent.

Congratulations to Richard Solomon for the most Popular Article & Bob Canter for the Most Engaging Article.

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