You must follow the basic franchise sales steps if the franchisor is selling an operating outlet to a prospect.

If the operating outlet was previously franchisee-owned, you must provide a prospective purchaser with the following additional information, for the franchisor's last 5 fiscal years:

  • the name, city, state, and current business telephone number (if known) or last known home telephone number of each previous owner

  • the time period when each previous owner controlled the outlet

  • the reason for each previous ownership change (for example, termination, non-renewal, voluntary transfer, ceased operations, reacquired by the franchisor, etc.)

  • the time period(s) when the franchisor controlled the outlet.

The additional information may be attached to the franchisor's FDD as an addendum when the FDD is furnished to the prospect, or may be provided later to the prospect in a supplement to the previously furnished FDD. The addendum or supplement must be given to the prospect at least 14 calendar days before the prospect signs any binding agreement with, or pays any amount to, the franchisor or any affiliate.

At your option, you may provide a prospective purchaser of the operating outlet with information about the actual operating results of that outlet. The information is not required to be attached to the franchisor's FDD or to be put into any particular format. For example, it may include unaudited financial statements for the outlet.

You may not provide the prospective purchaser with information about the operating results of other operating outlets. Similarly, you may not provide information about the operating results of the outlet to prospective purchasers of other operating outlets or of franchises for new outlets.

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