Professionals don't endorse consumer products. For a variety of good reasons.

But, some professionals -including attorneys who really ought to know better- find themselves inadvertently being pitchmen. Because they are using "free" content marketing strategies.

Is this the picture you want your current clients to see?

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I know Matthew, and despite being a franchisor side attorney, he is a good guy.

There are some consumer products that Matthew might want to pitch. But, I am pretty sure that Tiger Direct is not on the firm's list of consumer products to be endorsing!

Matthew is a well respected and valued franchise attorney.

Yet, the franchising audience will judge the Armstrong Teasdale subliminally by the products placed by their articles.

It is not fair, but what else do you expect if you aren't paying for it?

How else can you own white space without paying to exclude display ads?

Someone ought to really tell Armstrong Teasdale that they can get great distribution of their franchise articles, without the display ads they don't want, but they do have to pay a whopping $400/month for the audience.

(Armstrong Teasdale would like me to clarify that Matthew has not been an employee of the firm for over 2 years.)



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