Does Flattery Still Work?

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Mr. Edward Domain, CEO of once wrote jokingly that 'Flattery gets you everywhere these days!'

Certainly, flattery is used indiscriminately and intentionally, that I can't deny.

Yet, I've found there is significant marketing power in persuasion, sans manipulation! (FYI: 'sans' is 'without'! In other words, you don't want to be sans translation for your foreign clients!)

Along the way, here's three things I've noticed about persuasion:

- It's about listening versus hearing. Is there anything more frustrating than carefully articulating a challenge to a service provider, for example, only to be presented with a 'solution' to a different problem than yours? Listening is just the first step but there's no such thing as too much!

Clients take notice when you meet their specific challenge with a custom solution. Certainly obvious, but too often overlooked. (If you've had a warranty challenge, you understand perfectly!)

- Encouragement tops a compliment any day! Think about the most meaningful words you've been told. Encouragement usually centers on resilience, professional or personal. As opposed to a compliment, encouragement recognizes an obstacle you've overcome or a hard-won achievement and validates your determination.

And behind it lies the key: genuineness. The Dove campaign comes to mind- complimenting women for their strength, not complimenting their shape.

- Take the time to learn the lingo, and add some of your own to the mix! Ever had somebody try to sell you a service for your company when they hadn't a clue how you do what you do? Lingo: say what they mean, the way they say it! At Wild West, we've made it our business understand lingo, the language of our client's clients, whether we're proofing a training manual or transcribing a megachurch sermon series.

Try adding some of your own lingo to broaden the language of your clients!

Flattery might get you somewhere, but not necessarily to the sale or solution!

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