The internet age demands that we all have full service websites to stay competitive, especially for most small businesses.  And most do, but that leaves the question as to how to get customers to know and remember your website.

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are quickly becoming a low-cost solution for many businesses – big and small.  QR Codes utilize smartphones, an ever increasing share of the mobile phone market, to drive consumers directly to a specified page on your website. 

If your company has information that changes often, QR Codes on your promotional items allow you to change your website information without the need to change imprints – allowing you to buy in bulk and save money per piece – because once the QR Code is created to link to your site it stays linked. 

Promotional items with QR Codes are excellent for multiple trade show give-aways because it integrates your piece with your website which can then be updated and individualized for each show.  

Imagine the hits to your website that your QR Code on a golf bag tag will generate on the course or the sticky note will allow a curious third party to visit without remembering your web address.

Technology has been taken to the next level... with flavor. You now have the ability to emboss any QR code directly on chocolate! It’s easy, scan the code to access all the information clients need. You now have a Sweet way to direct current and potential clients to your website.
Text QR to 313131 to get a free QR Reader for your smartphone



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