The debate rages on: Is a premium LinkedIn account worth the cost?

Given the current raging spamming issue, I believe a premium LinkedIn account offers greater value and security than ever before, at rates so low they’re aren’t even worth worrying about.

Here are 10 LinkedIn Premium Account Features that can truly change how you generate leads and build visibility with LinkedIn:

Feature What Is It? How Do I Use It? Why Should I Care?





Send a   message to any LinkedIn member, without an introduction. No response within 7   days? Your InMail credit is refunded.



Send   InMails from a profile page or search results.



Private   emails offer a more professional approach to connecting and nearly always   receive a response.



Profile   Organizer



Save   and keep track of important profiles. Organize profiles into folders, add   notes and contact info, and see correspondence history.



Save   profiles from the profile page or search results. To access Profile   Organizer, click on Contacts in the navigation bar.



Profile   Organizer saves time and tracks progress when developing target lists for   marketing purposes.



Premium   Search Filters



LinkedIn   is a serious search tool for marketers of all types. Premium search filters   return more targeted information, so you can reach those important decision   makers.



Premium   search filters are a feature of all Premium accounts.



Improved   search results



Expanded   Profile Views



Get   more search results, access additional profile information for people outside   your network



Start   searching



Serious   about LinkedIn lead generation? You’ll want expanded profile views.



Expanded   analytics



Assess   exactly which keywords drive members to your profile, where traffic comes   from, which industries are connecting with you, and more



All   premium accounts offer expanded analytics



Are you   kidding me?



Who’s   Viewed My Profile?



See   expanded titles, regions, and companies for people who have viewed your   profile.



Access Who’s Viewed My Profile from your homepage,   right column. Click on “X number of people have viewed your profile…”



Assesses   your visibility, understand people/industries driving visibility, and find   new leads.



Premium   Badge



The   Premium badge is featured prominently on your profile and next to your name   in search results.



To   toggle your badge on or off, go to Accounts & Settings then “Name   and Location”.



Many   LinkedIn members equate the premium badge with the ‘serious professional’.   Just one more way to prove you’re in it to win it!






Being a   part of the OpenLink network allowsanyone   on LinkedIn to send you a message for free.



Go to   your Accounts & Settings to opt-in. The OpenLink icon will display on   your profile and in search results.



Anyone   can connect to you for free (without an InMail or introduction), or send free   messages to OpenLink members of your choice. Improve connections, widen your   network, open new doors!


I bet you never knew your Premium LinkedIn account offered so many great features. And there’s more!

I have had both the free and premium accounts and, honestly, the premium account is well worth the $30 or $50 monthly if you are committed to getting the very best results from LinkedIn. Why not sign up for a month, see if you like it and use the features and, if not, simply cancel out?



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