I just got hit square between the eyes with a Mashable Infographic that sent me blogging.  

How many of us communicate in the same language across social media platforms?    

We are all guilty of posting on one site and having it populate others.     I know that I do it often enough and have seen the exact same post from someone on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.   No edits, no repurposing, just clicking the add button and off it goes.

Are we really doing our brand any favours by doing this?    People communicate and think differently.  This is marketing 101.    They want to see different information on your various social media sites, or eventually they will ignore all but one and either be satisfied with that or ignore you completely.

We as marketing every once in a while need to be reminded of this.   Refocussing the message to play to various audiences is a good thing as long as your brand messaging is consistent throughout.    

We need to understand WHY certain audiences gravitate to certain mediums and then craft our message the entice those who come to see what is new and interesting.   It is all about engagement!

Take the time to understand who your audiences are, why they respond to you and what is important to them.  Then provide them with information of value in language that speaks to them as groups if not individuals.    T

The days of shotgun marketing are long past for all but a few monster brands.    

Today, it is all about communicating value.  It is about Getting YOU Noticed!



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