While it might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, over the last few years parallax scrolling has become one of the most trendy ways to design a website.

No matter whether you run a business-to-consumer or business-to-business company, you want to make sure you have a fresh, memorable website that showcases what it is your business does.

At Ripley PR, we often work with clients on website design as part of a comprehensive B2B public relations strategy, so we like to stay up on trends like parallax scrolling.

So what exactly is parallax scrolling?

Basically, using parallax scrolling creates an immersive, 3D experience when you're scrolling through a website.

It's become popular enough that some websites are overwhelming, but when used well, it can make your web browsing experience really enjoyable.

Spotify is one example of a site that uses subtle parallax scrolling well.

Another is the visually stimulating site for the Academy Award-winning movie "Life of Pi."


Parallax scrolling on the "Life of Pi" website causes the images on the screen to change as you scroll down

As you can see, a website with parallax scrolling requires a lot of creativity and complex coding ability.

Some might argue the market is saturated with sites like this, but we believe that it can be useful for many companies looking to build a brand.

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