I just had a terrific question posed to me.  Had to dash off this quick reply.

You have to know the background.

A professional colleague had asked for some advice on her website.  Made some suggestions. She made the changes.  (The main suggestion was to incorporate the website with the blog in a more seamless manner.)  She was super excited.

But, she also lamented:

I got one new (largish) client soon after it [new website/blog] went up - seemed like a good omen.

I'm also learning how to use Google Analytics.

One thing I've noticed - by the time someone contacts me through the site, they have already decided to work with me. 

Meeting is almost a formality. 

So that makes me think that the site is doing a good job, but it is also frustrating that I can't reach more people I could help." 

So, for you, and many professionals, the website is attracting only visitors who have already qualified themselves as serious about being your clients.

Holy Cow!  This is a major revelation to Joe and I.

We are always preaching that most websites for professionals have no or little traffic & that they have to do something to increase their pageviews.

But, we are wrong.  We have got it backwards.


Here is the second point.

Do you know the favorite landing page for most mediation, legal, accounting and other professional websites is?

It is the "About Us" page.

Naturally, people want to know about you - if they are going to do business with you.

If you have only a few but highly qualified visitors looking at your website, then you need to use that strategic fact.

And, you want to solve this problem: "but it is also frustrating that I can't reach more people I could help."

You just need to find similar people to the qualified visitors - who just became your clients.

Well, and just how do you do that?


You actually have the answer.

You take the intake form -you just filled out- when you met your new clients.

You have just described their problem & your solution.

So now, take 20 or 30 minutes, and re-write it as a more general story.

--(Like I took this piece of information from my colleague and wrote it up as a general piece of advice.)

A story you can share on LinkedIn with people that could do business with you.

A story that will get you more of the attention that you deserve.

And, then share that story, circulate it through LinkedIn, and reach more people you could help.

At $30/month, what can you lose?



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