There are a number of movies and television shows today that deal with the issues of zombies, or the undead.

While this is, of course, fantasy,there are unfortunately a large number of companies that operate daily in a zombie-like state.

Understanding the Situation: How did you become a Zombie Business?

These businesses are like the undead in that they continue to make sales and pay their bills, but they aren't growing and barely get by each payday. Other signs of a walking dead operation include:

  • A lack of any effective marketing
  • Lack of growth goals
  • Few, if any, new customers
  • An outdated or broken website
  • Ignoring advice
  • A lack of adequate financials and accounting systems
  • Low employee morale and high turnover

The reality for many of these firms is that they will eventually run out of even the few customers they have and shut their doors. One of the saddest scenes you can see it to walk up to a formerly vibrant business and find it closed, a sign on the door that it has closed and is no longer in operation.

Finding the Cure

If your business seems to have hit a wall, it's time to take a hard look at the reasons you can't seem to grow and are losing ground in your market. On the other hand, it is often difficult for the business owner to take that hard look in the mirror and understand how they got where they are. It is even difficult for many to recognize the seriousness of their situation.

Whether new competition has entered the market, the local demographics have changed, or any of a number of other factors arises to negatively impact your business, it often takes dramatic action to change your direction. Unfortunately, if you are still able to make even a moderate income, it is easy to just continue in that zombie mode, waiting until it is too late to make necessary changes.

When you find yourself in such a situation, it is often much wiser to take one of two steps. You might liquidate the business and

spend your time at another job where you will make more money without the challenges and risks of continuing to run a dying business. On the other hand, you can wake up to the situation and decide to tackle the issue head on.

Many people find it extremely helpful to bring in fresh eyes and attitudes to help in a turnaround, providing an objective assessment of a business's condition. For many, hiring a business coach is the first step to a new path of growth and profitability. When you take the time to work with someone who is committed to your survival and success, you receive the benefit of extensive knowledge and insights.

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