In the QSR industry, you know that a great menu sells the product.

Your digital menu board starts with that marketing tradition and then builds upon it.

Your most effective first impression is the menus, store signage and displays. Your customers notice and pay attention.

8 Reasons for Getting That New Digital Menu Board System

  1. You have central control for all locations in a franchise.
  2. You can offer scheduling menu content by day part.
  3. Lets you update items and prices from an online platform.
  4. Makes it easy for you to add regulatory required information.
  5. Increase sales by cross selling and up selling.
  6. Eliminate unnecessary printing costs and delays.
  7. Offer stronger visuals to engage your customers better.
  8. Allows you to create new advertising revenue.

1. Central Control

For many QSR corporations and multi-unit franchisees, the scalability across multiple venues/locations is where the biggest edge lies. IDS Menus, one of the digital menu board creators in the franchise field, states that their solution is "...easy-to-use, web-based, and so gives you more flexibility and options than you could imagine...including additional features such as a caching engine, TV tuner display, RSS feeds and more."

2. Day Part Menus

Many QSRs are focusing on multiple day parts to get higher overall revenue and to drive customers to come back for two or more meals a day. The digital menus are the perfect vehicle, because they can change at specified times throughout the day to display breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night menus. The only initial downside might be that consumers who may want to order lunch for breakfast or breakfast for dinner might get frustrated at not seeing all of their options. This can be circumvented by displaying a "Served All Day" section that does not switch out.

3. Update Prices Easily

Prices are pushed out from a central database on a schedule, eliminating labor costs associated with older signs.

4. Regulatory Information - Nutritional Data

Another notable advantage is that QSRs may now easily update their menus with the required nutritional information that will be required by the FDA.

5. Cross and Upsell

The boards also allow for better branding on food and beverages because they make it easier than ever to change out promotional messaging as needed. And the dynamic displays add real estate to what used to be static space. Digital menu displays have the ability to rotate on a set schedule, therefore displaying multiple messages to a momentarily captive audience, who literally have their wallets in hand.

6. Eliminate Costs

The presence of digital menu boards has grown substantially, as companies realize the revenue and cost saving advantages of moving away from traditional static displays, lowering printing costs and saving on employee labor.

7. Stronger Visuals

Digital sign displays allow location managers and franchisees to show not just text messages about food, but also pictures along with engaging videos. This technology is being touted industry-wide as the answer to streamline service and influence hungry patrons. It also saves time and money increasing speed to market.

8. New advertisement revenue potential

QSR managers also have the opportunity to use their digital menu screen for advertising other products to generate additional income. Restaurant vendors like Coke, Pepsi, wineries, etc. are all vying for the chance to advertise front and center on restaurant menus.


There are three types of digital menus: digital menu boards, digital menu kiosks and individual digital menus. Within these categories, the cost of a digital menu system varies considerably, but the choices that affect the final cost are very different. With a digital menu board, for example, the size and type of the digital hardware display has a significant impact on total cost.

With the restaurant business being such a competitive marketplace, having an edge over the next competitor makes the difference - seen in the form of return customer business and clearly, increase in sales volume. And from all the buzz, digital menu boards are the next frontier to help restaurants realize the immediate benefits of building awareness to the menu items they want to move.

Bringing awareness to new menu items is now possible with the click of a button. New products can be marketed in a more visually exciting display that is sure to catch the eye of waiting customers.

With the introduction of the digital menu board, QSRs have the opportunity to drive revenue by displaying the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

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