We run a pretty good sales team at Telephone Doctor. Several team members have been with us over 15 - 20 years. One even longer. Some have left after 3 weeks. My guess is those that have left, left due to one of these 'reasons.' Actually it's not a guess. One of these reasons is definitely why they left.

Like all lists, it's not final. There are other reasons, however, I believe you'll agree this is a good start. Share with your sales team.

    1. They don't practice their skills
    2. They're not flexible
    3. They're not a team player
    4. They don't use their sense of humor
    5. They don't use their imagination
    6. They don't listen to management
    7. They make no effort
    8. They get too comfortable, too fast
    9. They interrupt too often
    10. They don't ask enough open-ended questions
    11. They make too many assumptions
    12. They're not sales minded in all areas
    13. They're not able to handle corrective criticism
    14. They don't have enough enthusiasm
    15. They have poor time management skills
    16. They don't use their Saturday night personality during the week
    17. They don't have a "Whatever It Takes" mentality
    18. They lose their focus
    19. They're not able to deal with personality conflicts
    20. They don't truly believe in their product
    21. They don't understand rapport building
    22. They don't understand ongoing customer service
    23. They have too many unqualified leads
    24. They lack confidence
    25. They don't have long-term commitments
    26. They're short sighted
    27. Honesty is a problem for them
    28. They don't do any self-improvement
    29. They refuse to follow scripts - even loosely
    30. They don't understand this list
    31. Wanna add your own?

Could this be YOUR franchise?

Common scenario: Franchisees phone rings with a potential customer. The caller is put on hold (often curtly). Or it rings too long. The caller waits five seconds, hangs up. No sale. No second chance.

Uncommon solution: The Customer Service Expert: Nancy Friedman, speaker, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training. Rapport building, retention and engagement a specialty.

I shoot down bad habits and punch holes - using humor - in the mistakes we all make in customer service and sales offering the positive alternatives to be used immediately and forever.

Results? ROI, increased customer service, more sales.

A 2015 IFA annual conference attendee said: "WOW! Exceptional does not even begin to cover how magnificent (Nancy's) presentation was. Funny, engaging, insightful, helpful, and downright phenomenal! Nancy's session was worth the trip & conference alone!"

Call me personally for more information.

Nancy Friedman | President | Speaker
Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training




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