Strategic placement of a security camera on your cash register or POS terminal provides protection against both fraudulent claims AND dishonest employees.

Many problems can frequently be prevented by directing a security camera on the cash register or POS terminal.  This is the area where business is transacted and where the majority of customer disputes occur.  It only makes sense to focus security on this area where the greatest financial loss can occur.

Theft of funds from a business, if occurring, is most likely at the point where financial transactions occur.  There are many ways for this to happen.  Perhaps a cash transaction occurs which is not being recorded, too much change is returned to a customer or cash is not being placed in a cash drawer. 

These are just are some of the ways in which a financial fraud can occur. 

A lack of security and proper financial controls can result in a theft that is never noticed by management or the owner of a business. 

A security camera presents employees with a visible reminder that the area is being monitored and is likely to discourage theft.  Should the need present itself, a security camera can provide solid documentation of what may or may not have taken place at a particular point in time. 

It can also allow an absentee manager or owner to monitor (in real time if desired) interactions between customer and employee.

Most businesses experience customer service issues that include poor treatment or incorrect change.  These can frequently be verified and resolved through use of security footage from a security camera.



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