In an ideal world, your marketing department has figured out a way to source a predictable number of leads required to maximize your selling time and sales outcomes. But what if they don't? Are you willing to assume some personal accountability? Or, will you accept that your sales goals will be compromised?

I'm always amazed at how often salespeople talk about calling this list or using that list or making cold calls. Rarely do I hear them talk about using their greatest asset, their existing customers or centers of influence.

The fact that you are reading this blog tells me that you are accountable and prepared to do the work it takes to maximize your outcomes. Congratulations!

If you then follow the 4 Steps below, you'll quickly get that pipeline back in operation with some warm leads.

Step 1. Refer to your master list of customers

Step 2. Block calendar time to call your list. (Break into manageable blocks)

Tuesday, 9 - 9:30 AM

Thursday, 8 - 9 AM

Step 3. Start calling. Start alphabetically and work from A-Z or Z-A

       Step 4. When you connect, ask for their help in one of three ways:

a. Referral

b. Introductions (He will advise of your call and to tell them to take it)

    1. Personal Introductions (Joint phone or face to face call)

Whatever works best for them!

Before you know it you will be busy again and off to making more sales. And next time, start calling where you left off from this call effort as you rarely can get thru your list before you're too busy to finish making the calls.

Most importantly, don't forget to thank them via a call, email or personal note/postcard for the referral. Better yet, let them know the outcome. They will be pleased to know they helped you and the referred person.

Ultimately, they will look forward to the next opportunity to help.



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