A recent email we received below gave us some good ammunition for this blog.


While the industry, as you can see, is in the legal profession, believe me, it can happen in every industry.

It's from an attorney, and Mike Webster tells me that this is par for the course.


1. Around 1:00 p.m. today I returned opposing counsel's telephone call from this morning.

2. The first person that answered the phone took my name and asked me to hold while he checked to see if she was back from lunch.

3. After a short hold, he came back on the line and transferred my call.

4. Now, at this point opposing counsel's assistant answered the phone.

5. She had to take  my name for the second time and then put me back on hold.

6. After holding a couple of minutes, opposing counsel's assistant came back on the line and asked if I could call back in twenty minutes!

7. I am sure that her assistant told opposing counsel that I am a jerk because I answered, "No, I am calling her back now."


How many .1 of an hour were billed for this non-communication do you think?



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