As you look back over your sales process and the numerous calls you made on prospects (albeit many were just suspects) how often did you say 'no' to the prospect?

Whether it's price or other concessions, it's so much easier to say yes in the hopes of getting the sale. Unfortunately, hopes and wishes is where it ends all too often in these sales scenarios. Your intuition, instincts and gut tell you to say no or abort the sales process but you just can't seem to pull the trigger and you hang onto hopes and wishes.

It's a tough pill for a salesperson to swallow, but many times its the right medicine for a successful outcome. Be it Won or Lost, it's a win!

If hopes and wishes is an acceptable sales forecast and making a good living is not a priority, keep doing what your'e doing. If not, then lets look at the benefits of saying 'No':

  • Being honest with yourself and your prospect insures that character, integrity and ethics are embodied in the sales relationship

  • Honesty makes it possible, even more comfortable for your prospects to be honest with you

  • Your behavior earns you the right for honesty and integrity from your prospects

  • A big one: you will be able to invest your effort in sales pursuits with an opportunity for successful outcomes versus investing in losing propositions.

  • Say NO is unexpected behavior and establishes a foundation to be closer to making the sale

Your goal is:

Learn how to say no when it makes sense to do so.

It's the only way you can arrive at a true win for both you and your prospect while earning their trust.

This should be the case regardless if you have a full pipeline of qualified prospects (it's a little easier then!) or if you have none.

Let me hear you say 'NO'!

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