Do you have all 7 Traits to do what it takes to be a great franchise leader?

An expert in customer service and engaging the customer, Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor is back at IFA this year with a unique session for both the franchisor and the Franchisee. A bare bones bottom line lady with a flair for humor and fun, this session will give you the common sense tools to get you thinking.

How do you handle growth and change? What about bad news? Or other obstacles that come your way? Does "Apathy" sound familiar?

In this program, Nancy shares how to handle these things, with grace, style and humor. She uncovers the strategies behind these 7 leadership traits:

• Choose Your Attitude In Advance

• Visualize Success

• Demonstrate Humor, Energy and Enthusiasm

• Resist Negative Tendencies

• Be a "Whatever It Takes Person"

• Embrace Change; Expect It and Accept It

• Be Grateful For What You Have

You probably have many of these traits - few folks have all of them. Nancy helps you find how we can recognize these traits in others as well as ourselves. Don't leave early prizes and surprises run throughout the program!

Save the Date Monday February 16, Las Vegas, IFA/ Mini Session 10:30-12noon. Engaging Within Your BRAND

Presented by Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker, Author & President, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training



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