How to More Franchise Sales From Your Web Leads

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I have been in franchise sales for over 20 years. Today, selling to web leads is different than selling to responders to the print ads.

And no, the web leads are not more knowledgable.

If anything they are more timid, less likely to talk with you & are still "shopping" when you get them as a "lead".

1. Traditional lead picture.

Here is how web leads are processed in a typical franchise system.

Franchisors Auto Responder Sales Funnel.png

Each lead source has budget. At the end of the year it is typical to re-allocate the budget based on results. Sometimes this rebalancing process actually based on evidence and cost of acquisition numbers. Mostly it is based on fear.

2. The Not Yet Ready To Buy Web Lead

Franchisors Broken Autoresponder Sales Funnel Stuck Responding to Not Ready to Buy From You Yet.png

The major problem that the internet has introduced is well known in retail, showrooming. People who are not ready to buy, but are just looking. But, they are primarily looking for information so that they can shop price.

Once they find the right price, they are ready to buy.

But, you may not be Top of Mind for them anymore -because they weren't shopping for your brand when then filled out the lead form, the were only shopping the category.

3. Filter and Amplify

Now, you aren't making money. No matter how good your sales scripts are.

Franchisors Autoresponder Sales Funnel on Amplified Leads.png

You need to Filter and Amplify these Web Leads and get them Ready to Buy Candidates.

You need a Franchise Lead Filter and Amplifier. There are various ways to do this, but the best of the best use nurturing techniques to go from leads to sales.

This is hard for the traditional franchise sales department who want to get every lead on the phone as quickly as possible.

But traditions die, and all good things come to those who wait - just long enough to hear a buying signal.

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