Getting the franchise sale may seem like a race to be the First to Respond and First to Engage.

It isn't.

Franchise sellers need to get to web leads who are intrigued with their franchise as fast as possible, right?


Or they could lose the franchise buyer to a competitor.


Of course the solution is an autoresponder. Well that does seem pretty simple, doesn't it? Problem solved.

Really wrong and could cost that sale.

Many of the franchise inquiry autoresponders I have seen when mystery shopping franchise sales processes are plain awful.

Here are some recent real examples -

Good morning Joe,

Thank you for considering the XYZ franchise opportunity. My name is Oscar and I am a Franchise Sales Representative with this great brand. My contact information is listed at the bottom of this email and please contact whenever you are available to take the next step. I look forward to hearing back from you.


VP Franchise Development

Joe -

We received your request for franchising information through our website. Thanks for your interest and please call at your convenience to discuss.

Thank You,


National Director Franchising & Development


Thank you for your interest in a franchise opportunity with our brand. George, VP Franchise Development, will be sending you information and contacting you regarding our Discovery Process.

Please feel free to contact me any time.


CEO and Founder

These examples are bland and do not engage and advance the inquiry/lead to a franchise sale.

Here is what you should do to fix your auto responder -

  1. Have a greeting better than "Thank you for your interest".

  2. Tell the inquiry/lead about your franchise process and what happens next.

  3. Use the autoresponder as the 1st message as part of a Top of the Franchise Sales Funnel communications campaign.

  4. Get the inquiry/lead to take a next step so you can qualify them a bit more.

It matters very little if you are First to Respond and First to Engage to an inquiry with a crappy message.

Franchise lead generation is the lifeblood of franchise sales and if you want to win more franchise sales you need a franchise sales process that sells from start to finish.

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