Addictions, Report Cards, and Inattentive Franchisors


     1. Are you addicted to social media? 

     2. Download the Retail 150 Local Marketing Report Card

     3. Why some franchisors just don't care about what their franchise owners do with social medial. 


1st Story (2nd week)

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Are You Addicted to Sharing on Social Media?

"Research conducted in the last two or three years has provided some interesting insight into why it is that we engage with social media." 

Do we want to show the "social world" who we are, how we want to be perceived, all the while being important and helpful to others? ...


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2nd Story 

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Get Your Local Marketing Report Card

"We are putting a big focus on thinking about the Retail Industry given our Retail 150 Local Marketing Report Card research.

When watching 60 Minutes, you might think that in a couple of years most retail sales would all occur online and be delivered by airborne drone.

Instead, the industry data paints a much different picture ..."

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3rd Story 

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Frances Leary.jpgShould Social Media Marketing be Left to Franchisees?

Recently I met with a franchisor that is quickly growing the franchise across Canada.

What I discovered about the company's social media surprised me...not because I haven't seen evidence of it before with other franchises but because I've never met a franchisor state it quite as plainly as this one did ....


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