12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities, Lease Guarantees (again), and Pre-Qualify Yourself as a Franchise Owner/Operator


     1.  Get 1,500 words to tell your amazing franchise story, be a best seller.

     2. The standard personal guaranty requires a franchisee to put his personal assets behind the lease commitment.  How do you avoid this?

     3. How do you know whether you are franchise owner material or not?


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Dr. John P. Hayes.jpg12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities for 2015

Dr. John P. Hayes is one of the world's most published authors and speakers on the topic of franchising.

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Gordon W. Thomas, Esq.jpgDid You Make this Mistake When Signing Your Commercial Lease?

"We have a problem," Harvey announced flatly. "The buyer of your P for P store has gone out of business, and now the landlord is demanding that you pay the back rent and damages. Some $353,000, or thereabouts."

The slight breeze suddenly felt very cold as Kevin tried to process this unexpected disaster. "Why is the landlord coming after me," he asked weakly, "I haven't been involved with the business for over six years now. How could this be happening!?"


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fred berni1.jpgPre-Qualify Yourself as a Franchise Owner/Operator

So, you want to be a franchisee? Owner of a franchise? Good for you!

In over 25 years I've spent working with franchisors, I've always been impressed with how generous and genuinely nice people in franchising are.

It's no wonder, since franchising is all about helping people achieve their dreams.

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