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Here is a potentially fascinating and exciting story for the Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisees.

'When Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee Bobby Pancake received a call from the White House on his cell phone, he didn't recognize the number so he let it go into voice mail. 

Upon returning the call, however, he swiftly discovered that he and Steve Wheat, his partner in High 5 LLC, a six-unit franchisee of Buffalo Wild Wings based in Bear, Del., would get to meet with President Barack Obama the next day to discuss the state of restaurants and other small businesses. 

 Pancake, who called the June 11 meeting "an absolutely great experience," said he and Wheat were invited to Washington after being awarded the U.S. Small Business Administration's National Entrepreneurial Success Award in May."

Pretty cool,eh?  To receive a call from the President of the United States.  Wow, that must have punched up the traffic to the Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee Association website.

But, no.  Here is the Alexa ranking for the Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee Association website.

The mantra location, location, and location in the social media space is traffic, traffic, and traffic.

How do you think that association members feel about their traffic?


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