Stan Turkel, several years ago in 2006, wrote about AAOHA and hotel franchises.

"AAHOA has become a mature, pro-active trade association for hotel franchises with 8,300 members. Under President Fred Schwartz, AAHOA is professionally managed and is one of the leading forces in the hospitality industry. 

Its ongoing initiatives include: AAHOA Lodging Business magazine, a monthly publication, and an Annual Convention with attendance of up to 4000 members, sponsored in a large part by hotel franchisers.

Free educational seminars throughout the year for management and supervisory personnel.

Free regional trade shows featuring industry speakers, timely workshops, supplier exhibits and education courses."

For many franchise independent trade associations AAHOA is a model because it is a leading force in their industry, hotel franchises.

AAHOA formed in 1989, but there was another group of Indian hotel franchise owners, the Mid-South Indemnity association which had formed in the early 70's.  (Later these two groups of hotel franchise owners would join.)

The Mid-South Indemnity Group was formed because the Indian hoteliers could not get fire insurance, racism fanning the fear that they would simply burn down the hotel for the insurance money.  Without fire insurance, you cannot operate a hotel franchise.

The lesson for all franchise trade associations is that you become a leading force in your industry when you solve a significant and major economic problem for your members.

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