I want to personally invite you to attend our next CAFA Lunch and Learn meeting, November 19th.

We have a very interesting and challenging topic:

How Franchisors Can Avoid Large Dollar Damage Awards Created by Franchisee's Actions?

(It might subtitled: "The Dumb Things that Franchise Systems Do To Themselves")

The Franchisor and Franchise Owner relationship is a difficult one, when it comes to making sure that the Franchise Owners have enough information, correct incentives to be in compliance with the law.

Failure results in million dollar claims against the franchise system.

These million dollar cases should worry all franchisors and franchise owners. I know it keeps in-house franchisor counsel awake!

The franchisor wants the franchise owners to have the best compliance advice possible.  For everyone's sake.

How can a franchisor do more than inform franchisees about the law and urge them to confer with their lawyers to confirm that they are compliant?

Listen to our expert panel & bring you own questions and solutions.

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For those of you who don't live in the Washington area, if you know any Franchisors, Franchisees or Industry Suppliers,  forward this invitation along to someone you know.

Looking forward to seeing you all, again.

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