This Week In Review  


This week's top story had some great advice about the number one cost franchisor owners need to control.  

The second story was about the predicted death of a major social platform.  

And the third story had some great insight into advertising in the 21st century & the challenges that social media are creating for the franchisor's ad fund.


Top Story 

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Fred Berni's Do You Know or Understand How Much Unnecessary Turnover is Robbing You?  hit a nerve with both franchise owners and franchisors.

Franchise owners have the responsiblity of hiring at the local level & mistakes which cause turn-over will cause a franchise owner to lose money.

Franchisors need their franchisees to adopt better hiring procedures, but are worried about dictating too much.  Two great LinkedIn threads about this problem, click here for the first LinkedIn thread, and click here for the second thread.  (Remember that you need to be connected to either Joe or I to read these threads in LinkedIn.)




2nd Story 

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Kathy (Salerno) Doering.jpgKathy Doering's Is Facebook a Disease? 
was a fun and light-hearted look at that "other social platform."

Some major university, not named "Harvard", has predicted the death of Facebook as people flee the platform to do something else than look at Facebook's retarded ads.

Facebook, in turn, then turned around and predicted the death of this major university, not named "Harvard".  Click here for the first thread, and here for the second  thread.


3rd Story

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Chris Anderson.jpgChris Anderson's Does Your Franchisor have these 6 Key Elements Covered for Your Local Advertising? 
sparked some excellent debate on funding for social media.  Franchise systems usually have a national ad fund and local ad fund requirements.  

The national ad fund is usually between 2-4% of gross, while the local ad fund is much less in comparison.  

But, with local marketing becoming more important, especially when directed at the mobile customer, who should be paying for this?  Is this a national ad fund problem or should the local franchise owners be paying?   Click here for the first thread, and here for the second thread.




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