The Week In Review - Vanity in Franchising

The first week in the New Year produced a number of entertaining threads and discussions.  From the value of PR on franchise sales, to whether you should use social media to sell, and some terrific advice on what not to do when updating your website.  The overall theme which linked all three articles seemed to be vanity.  Or at least that is how I saw it.


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Ingrid Korgemagi.jpgIngrid Korgemagi's  
You Don't Have to Re-Do your Website to Gain More Sales brought some much needed common sense to when you should upgrade your website. Many upgrades are done for no other reason than the CEO is bored with the looks of the website.

But if you aren't changing the website to make it easier for your customers to buy, you are likely wasting your money.  Here is one LinkedIn thread on the topic of upgrading your website.

And which professionals change their websites, fruitlessly, more often than others?  My opinion - law firms.




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Frances Leary.jpgFrances Leary's 
 Social Media Is Not Advertising attracted a number of commentators.

Frances has an opinion about the role of sales in social media.  She doesn't think that people should be selling in their posts on a social media platform.  

I, among others, took a different view - I worry that people misunderstand that basics of communication when they seek to simply share information and then expect some economic benefit.  Here are some of the differing points of view,  click here, and click here.  (You might have to be connected to me to see the threads.) 


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Rhonda Sanderson.jpgRhonda Sanderson's The Best PR Moves of 2013 and One Really Bad One was easily the most engaging article last week.  Shouldn't be too surprising as Rhonda described some PR follies and feasts of 2013.  Some great PR moves - the opposite of vanity.  One bad one - the curse of vanity.

Several engaging threads on LinkedIn discussed how one could accurately measure the benefits of PR.  A lively discussion ensued -  follow Rhonda on LinkedIn and don't miss her insights.


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