A senior executive franchisor, when reviewing the MWI/IAFD proposal made the following observation.

"Based on our conversation and the information contained on the link below I think that franchising could benefit from constructive problem resolution and I have a couple of suggestions for your consideration.

Set up a pre-negotiation matter review with a small fee ($195?) for franchisees/franchisors so either party can confidentially frame their problem or matter for review by an impartial third party in a secure online environment by using a thoughtful questionnaire with an impartial third party written summary and brief telephone consultation.

I think all too often people do not know what they are fighting about and this kind of pre-negotiation appraisal might frame the issue(s) within a logical and rational framework.

I like "constructive problem resolution"  People would buy into it sooner than they would a rehash of mediation or negotiation. If I'm human and either a franchisee or franchisor I want my problems resolved most of all."




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