ESPN reporter Erin Andrews filed a lawsuit Thursday against Ohio State doing business as the Blackwell Inn for negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy as part of a larger suit against two additional hotels and the man that published nude footage of the television reporter last year.

The lawsuit is interesting because in part because of the simple facts.  Erin Andrew's stalker was able to obtain information from the hotel where she was staying, get her room number, and book a room right beside her.  How could this happen?  No doubt the depositions on this will prove fascinating.

But the incident shows again the problems that any franchisor and franchisee have: how to divide the responsibilities up for upholding compliance with privacy standards.

Erin Andrews has advanced a number of theories in this case for franchisor liability, agency, co-venturers, and community interest.

The franchising world will be watching this case unfold with great interest.

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