Your customers hold the secret of lowering advertising costs and increasing revenue in the palm of their hands.

Text message marketing, being called the single most effective marketing medium of all time by some, is taking the world by storm and it's not hard to see why:

1. 91% of US Residents and 77% of the world population own a mobile phone with Text Messaging capabilities.
2. 97% of all Text Messages are read by the recipient within 3 minutes of being sent.

Can you imagine being able to reach your customer base within 3 minutes, any day of the week? The results can be amazing.

When leveraged properly, text messaging campaigns have seen response rates climb above 30%. This number alone can shed light on why 89% of major brands have been marketing on mobile devices since 2008.

The benefits of text message marketing do not just apply to the younger generation. According to M:Media , 39% of text Messengers in the United States are over 35 years old and 69% are over 25.

In a campaign targeting men and women ages 25-54, Carrabba's Italian Grill, hoped to achieve a 5% response rate for their text messaging efforts. The goal of the campaign was to have their current customers join a new appreciation club. Four weeks later with 443 responses, they had soared past that goal to a rate of 35%.

Restaurants are not the only industries to benefit from this type of marketing channel. In fact, marketing is not the only use for text messaging.

Fire and Rescue squads, stationed in Blaine, WA, lowered their operating cost by eliminating their pager bill completely. They were able to do this by utilizing text messaging.

As many people are discovering with their lack of internet presence, failure to act can be one of the most detrimental decisions made in business. Your competitors may not have already discovered this revenue increasing tool, but, with the exponential expected growth of mobile marketing, they are sure to do so soon. You cannot afford to miss this marketing phenomenon.

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